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How can I send a curated newsletter from my topic?

In addition to being discovering content and growing your audience from your social channels, also lets you send curated  newsletters to your recipients list.

As you've already curated content to your topics, this is a great and easy way to engage with your audience with fresh new content that will drive engagement up without being repetitive.

To create a curated newsletter, simply go to one of your topics and click 'Newsletter' from the Top Bar menu:

You can either send the newsletter as displayed or build a custom template by using column widgets as well as image, text, separator... widgets:

Then create and send your newsletter. lets you send your curated email newsletters in several ways:

Create a campaign: create a distribution list and send your newsletter from

Send to me: send it to yourself as a test to make sure it looks exactly the way you want, by clicking on "send to me".

Download as a file: export it to a Zip file which contains the HTML for your newsletter. This file can then be imported to the email platform of your choice giving you total flexibility and letting you use the tools you're familiar with. Of course, using this option, you can also modify the HTML of the newsletter to add your own introduction or anything you'd like.

Get HTML Code: get the HTML code to import it to the email platform of your choice. 

Connect to Mailchimp: MailChimp, a great and easy email platform we have partnered with. MailChimp has a forever free plan but also scales with premium subscriptions for business and enterprise needs so we encourage you to give it a try. By clicking on Connect, you will be asked to enter your MailChimp login credentials (as always, we don't store any of that information). The newsletter will be exported to Mailchimp and sent. 





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