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Upcoming changes to Facebook within! [Effective Aug 1]

On August 1st, you might notice some changes to Facebook on Don’t worry, these changes are totally normal and we've got the answers to your questions below. I wanted to let you know what to expect:

Summary: As of August 1, you will start to see a reminder every 90 days to log into your Facebook account to reauthenticate and secure your connection. You will no longer be able to share content directly to personal Facebook profiles. Sharing to your Facebook Pages will not be impacted!

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Facebook continues to develop how their software works: Pages have replaced personal profiles for businesses and thought leaders, algorithms continue to change, and developers refine and iterate Facebook’s platform and the tools with which it interacts.

Here's what you need to know about how this will impact your account:

You will need to log into your Facebook account once every 90 days

This is for your personal data's security and is a standard practice. We'll show you an alert when that happens and you'll just log into your Facebook account again. (This is just like Linkedin’s 60-day policy.)

You will no longer be able to share content directly to your personal Facebook profile

If you have been using your personal Facebook profile to share content, it's time to set up a Facebook page! Head over to Facebook to get started. If you are making the leap to Pages for the first time, don't forget to tell your friends that you will be posting on your new Page and let them know they can follow your Page!

If you use to post directly to personal pages, now is the time to take stock in your company’s employee advocacy programs. We’ve written some great resources that help you plan and execute your employee advocacy initiatives, so your strategy can be strengthened by Facebook’s changes.

So why is Facebook making these changes?

The reasons boil down to two themes: updated technology and your personal data's security. Back in the day, when Pages were new, some content curators shared content directly to their personal Facebook profiles. Some of you may still do this today! However, that is no longer the best practice and isn't optimized for how Facebook's content algorithms work these days. Facebook Pages have come a long way and are the preferred way to interact with topical pages and thought leaders.

The security factors at play are part of a larger effort on Facebook's behalf to handle data with more responsibility. We applaud them for this. As a result, who and what has access to your profile and for how long is getting an update. These changes will impact all third-party tools with access to your personal profile. You will still see your personal profile at times within (when you verify your connection every 90 days) but you will no longer publish directly to your profile after August 1st.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about these changes. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!

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