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Connecting my social media accounts to share content through

By letting you easily discover and share content on your favorite topics, will help you save time maintaining your social media presence. If you haven't done so as you signed up, simply connect your social profiles and share your curated content to all your social profiles in one click as you publish it.

1. Connect your social profiles to

To get started, make sure to first connect your social media accounts to To do so, go to your Settings and then Sharing Options.

Here, you’ll be able to connect one of the available social networks with Free, and additional profiles with Pro and Plus.

2. Publish once, share everywhere.

Once you’ve connected your accounts, you will have the option to share all of your posts to your social media channels by checking the associated box in the publishing window.

By default, your newly connected social accounts will be checked and will remember which ones you had checked last time you published on that topic. Of course, you are always free to check/uncheck the sharing destinations for any scoop you publish. By hitting publish from the publishing window, your content will be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any destination you have chosen to share to.

The above publishing window also lets you customize the content of your tweet, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ update so you can taylor the message to your audience on your various properties. 

3. Drive your social audience to your content hub or use DirectLink to send them directly to the original content

By default, the link included in your social post will direct your audience to your own content hub on each scoop you publish on your topic has its own permalink which enables your readers to (1) discover your added insights to the original post (and make them want to read it with your own context in mind) (2) discover related content from your topic page. 

But the publishing window also offers the "Direct Link" option that enables you to send your social media audience directly to the original content if you wish to do so. To do this, simply toggle the DirectLink button in the Share section of the publishing window on a post by post basis (the system will remember your last choice and use it by default).  

4. Re-share previously published content

Forgot to share when publishing? You can go back to your scoop and share it at a later stage by using the sharing arrow icon:

You will then have exactly the same options as from the publishing window:

By going to your suggestions and followed topics regularly, you will find relevant content to engage your social media audience in no time.

5. What social networks and profiles can I connect to

Supported social networks currently supports the following social networks and lets you share to the corresponding channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook profiles
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn profiles - not for free plan
  • LinkedIn company pages - not for free plan
  • Google+ company pages
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Buffer
  • Yammer
  • Yammer Group
  • Workplace - Enterprise Licence (for more detail contact us at also integrates with website platforms / CMS such as Wordpress, HubSpot or Drupal. More details here.

Rights needed to connect Facebook pages, LinkedIn company pages or Google+ pages?

You can only connect pages on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ that you have administration rights for.

As you attempt to connect your page to, make sure that you’re logged in as an admin on your Facebook page. For example, if your personal Facebook email is but you manage a Facebook page logged in with the email, make sure you’re logged in as otherwise you will get an error message when attempting to connect your Facebook page. 

6. Can I share to Google+ profiles or StumbleUpon?

Google+ profiles and StumbleUpon are currently not supported as a direct connexion but you can still use to share to these platforms curated content from your topic pages. The process just requires a few extra steps. 

In order to share to Google+ profiles or SumbleUpon, you must first publish your post, and then revisit it. When you scroll over the published post, a share button will appear and you can click on the arrow.

There, you will find the SU and +1 Google+ buttons. The reason the inability to connect your accounts directly is related to the APIs of these networks. 

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