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Why should I add an insight to the content I publish?

Content curation can be much more than selecting and sharing content. users can add context to the content they curate by adding an insight to their scoops as they publish them on their topic pages. By doing so, they make their curated content more valuable to their audience by enriching it with their own opinion, analysis or commentary. 

1. Benefits of adding insights to your scoops on your topic pages:

- more engagement from your readers which are more likely to interact with your content;
- SEO as you add your own original content to your curated piece;
- more conversions as you can add call to actions within your insights.

2. How to add an insight to your scoops on your topic pages:

To add an insight to your scoop, simply fill the insight area from the publishing window as you publish content:

3. How will my insight be displayed on my topic page?

The insight will then appear to your readers coming either from search engines or social networks as they land on your topic:

From there, they can click through to the original content by clicking anywhere on the pop-up of your scoop or browse related content you've published on your topic page by closing the pop-up or clicking next to it. 

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