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Troubleshooting and optimizing content suggestions

If you're having trouble finding relevant suggestions with's suggestion engine, here's a list of common issues and how to fix them.

1. My suggested content's quality is very poor

Be aware that some keywords might be too vague to specifically filter the content you want. For instance, if your topic is about "renewable energy market trends", energy will be too vague as it's also used as a noun in many common sentences.

Keywords can be single words (eg: curation) or expressions (eg: content curation). To combine several words into an expression simply hit enter after the last word of the expression, eg: content curation, Be careful, "renewable energy" is not the same as "renewable" "energy".

Also, it's very important for you to be able to use the "Exact Match" feature. Whenever you enter keywords with the "Exact Match" box checked, quotes will appear around them.

Let's see some examples:

  •  will return content with both words. As the Exact Match feature is off, our Suggestion engine will take into account other forms of these words as well (ex: renew, energies...). Also, the two words won't necessarily be next to each other.
  •   will return the exact expression = the two words next to each other with the exact same spelling. The Exact Match is recommended for brands, acronyms, proper nouns, expressions.
  • will return (1) content that mentions the word "renewable" (which is unspecific and vague) and (2) content that mentions "energy" (also unspecific and vague).
  • When the exact match is not used do not add any stop words (a, the, for, by, about...).
  •  You can also combine exact match and non-exact match to improve your results.

Combining keywords is a great way to be more specific and get the content you really want to publish.

  2. I'm seeing too many videos in my suggested content

Videos can be great content to share and curate, but if you're seeing too many of them, you can always choose not to display them in your Suggestions. To do so, you can uncheck "Video" in the content filters on the left and click on "Apply". 


3. My suggestions are not sorted by date

By using the first option on the left of the suggestion panel, you can chose to prioritize your suggestions by freshness or relevancy. Choose Freshness or Relevance from the dropdown menu shown below and click the Apply button right above. 

4. My suggestions feed seems to be infinite never stops trying to unearth new content for you. But if you'd like to maintain a clean suggestion inbox and/or focus on recent content only, you can do that by using the advanced configuration filters (premium customers only). Click on "Advanced configuration" and access the advanced filters to reach that screen:


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