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Developing my community (’s purpose is to allow you to create and develop communities of interest around what matters to you.  Social Media is a great experience to exchange, communicate with people; and on, it’s even better as you can connect with people sharing the same passion and expertise. 

1. The Basics

Connect your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts, then you’ll be able to see and follow the evolution of the people you are connected to on these networks. It also gives them a chance to know you’re on too and check your topics of interest. But the great news for them (and for you) is that they can cherry pick by following only what you and they have in common.

2. Search your interests

Search for topics according to your interests with the search bar located at the header of your page

and follow the ones you like through your results:

3. Interact

A great way to build up your community is to interact: comment posts, rescoop them, share them, suggest relevant content, use the thanks button. Other curators will be notified of your interest and more likely to reciprocate on those of your topics they care about. Remember that you can access curators’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from their profile whenever they have connected these Social Media. Mentioning them while sharing their posts on these platforms is not only good practice but also is a relevant way to show them you have similar interests and build up your community effectively.

4. Suggesting content to other users

While browsing the web, if you find an interesting article that would perfectly fit on one of the topics you follow you can suggest it to its curator. Your suggestion will appear in the curator's Suggested Content and he/she’ll be able to “Scoop” your suggestion or “Discard” it. 

By suggesting great content to fellow curators, you can help them discover great content and build your community of interests. But be mindful to understand their editorial line and interests first as they also have the option to mark content as spam which will prevent you from suggesting content in the future. 

If you're receiving spam yourself from other users who suggest non-relevant content to you, you have 2 available options to fix that:

Blocking one particular user from suggesting content to your topic

Start by clicking the trash icon on the spam content suggestion:

On the pop-up that appears next, click the "Mark as spam" checkbox

This will ensure that this particular user can no longer suggest content to you.

Turning off user suggestions for your topic

If you'd like to turn off content suggestions from other users, simply check the other checkbox on that same pop-up:

To switch user suggestions back on (or to turn user suggestions off before you receive any of them), go to the Edit menu of your topic and uncheck/check this box:

5. Watch Notifications

When growing your community, notifications are your best friend: look out for them on your Dashboard and check out the profile of users who have reacted to your posts, started to follow your topics or made contributions to topics you follow. Their profile page will tell you at a glance the topics you have in common: follow the ones you like. And make Notifications an endless stream to discover new people with similar interests.

Note: On your profile page you can easily access the profile of curators whose topics you follow by clicking on People located below your biography.

6. Access your community leaderboard

To access your Community leaderboard click on that link: or mouse-over your username in the top bar then go to Profile. Right below your stats click on the blue "Me and My Community" link.

Your Community is made up of the curators whose topics you follow. If you'd like to know how your Community is evolving and compare your performance to other curators just have a look at your Community leaderboard.

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